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Do IV's give Nutritional Benefits?

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Nutrition has been the hot topic in the past decade. People are looking for ways to feel better. What if there was a therapy that helped you achieve wellness instantly? An immune system booster that had a more powerful effect than caffeine, an antioxidant that helped you sleep better, or a natural therapy that made you look younger? Today, it is easier than ever to achieve wellness. While IV Nutritional Therapy has been used by hospitals for decades, now this relaxing therapy is available in more accessible settings and gives you the same benefits that range from offsetting jet lag exhaustion and rapid relief for hangovers and migraines, to supporting longevity of life.

What is IV Nutritional Therapy?

IV Nutritional Therapy is a way to introduce vital nutrients to the body through intravenous infusion. In contrast to oral supplementation, which on average only gets half of what is consumed, IV infusion allows for the introduction of nutrients intravenously, therefore giving the body exactly what it needs to stay healthy.

IV Nutritional Therapy provides relief for a number of conditions. IV Nutritional Therapy is also used to relieve pain from migraines, fatigue, cardiovascular disease, acute asthma, fibromyalgia, seasonal allergies, acute muscle spasms, upper respiratory tract infections, and chronic sinusitis – there are even IV Antioxidant Therapies packed with anti-aging properties!

How Does IV Therapy Work?

Without IV therapy, the body can absorb most vitamins and nutrients through food. However, certain factors can affect the ability of the body to absorb these nutrients. Such as, age, metabolism, health status, medications, and alcohol consumption. By providing a liquid IV intravenously, vitamins and nutrients enter the bloodstream immediately. The IV process requires less time, normally between 30 to 60 minutes.

The benefits of intravenous nutritional therapy

IV Nutritional Therapy treats migraines, exhaustion, or even chronic fatigue. The ability to provide nutrients to the body by bypassing the stomach allows for quicker relief from hangovers while waiting for the human digestive process to fight off nausea. This process also makes IV Nutrition Therapy a great option for people with digestive disorders. There are also benefits to the skin – a more youthful glow and healing relief from sunburn. But even for those without any ailments, what better way to commit to your health & wellness than by proactively giving your immune system a leg up. IV drips are filled with high doses of Vitamin C and Calcium, both of which turbocharge your immune system’s ability to fight infections and the flu.

Different types of intravenous nutrition therapy

IV nutritional therapy (IVN) is a method of providing a patient with nutrients intravenously (through a vein). Most packs consist of parenteral nutrients (amino acids, electrolytes, minerals, fluids, and vitamins).

It is thought to be the best treatment for healthy aging, and the most common therapy used to reduce stress, improve mood, boost energy, and reduce pain. The Myers Cocktail contains the nutrients B12, Calcium, Vitamin C, and B vitamins.

There are a number of IV Nutritional Therapies that target specific health goals and needs, including solutions for: Detox, Immunity, Athlete, Metabolism, Anti-Aging, and Immunity. The design of each unique solution is based on The Myers Cocktail, and includes a variety of additional nutrients and minerals, based on specific needs and patient wellness objectives.

Patients are using IV Nutritional Therapies to invest in their future health by making a proactive commitment to their overall wellness routine.

Does IV Nutritional Therapy Actually Give You Nutrients?

Yes, IV Nutrition Therapy provides your body with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These nutrients are essential to your body’s overall health. In addition, IV Nutrition Therapy also provides electrolytes and hydration.

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